Thursday, November 8, 2012

Week of Nesting, Day 2...

Yesterday my house smelled like diapers and dog. Yes, dog. A dog who has an issue with waiting for me to take her out, and who I felt like killing as I lit candles, emptied the diaper pail, and scrubbed the floor in a desperate attempt to make my home smell beautiful. The way I had envisioned early that morning while feverishly typing out my first Week of Nesting post. Surely you too have painted these golden pictures of tranquility and fantastic smells that would draw the neighbors in wonder?

All day I battled that disgusting odor of my dog's urine, chopping up a batch of applesauce, baking orange shortbread cookies and stirring chili loaded with onions and cumin.

Still, I'm sure at times that I catch the scent of dog ick, and I cringe. I want perfect. Even now as it's 11:20 pm and I'm miffed that the day conspired against me to prevent the seasonal cleaning so carefully planned for Day 2, the real issue is my lack of perfection. Impatience rages, I whine to Andrew about it, complaining and watching my frustration turn into seething anger. Anger at myself, for not trying harder, not pushing through tiredness, not prioritizing.

Deep breath. Let it go. Tomorrow the sun will rise and I will start fresh. It will be another day of imperfection, yet all will be well.