Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New York...

New York was awesome. Not that you would know I was even headed in that direction with my silence here. A dear friend was going to the IMATS (International Make Up Artist Trade Show) and I tagged along. It was a wonderful trip, full of adventures and great food!

Why have I always assumed Central Park was lame? Obviously I wasn't well-informed, because a few hours wandering in it changed my mind completely. I'm now a huge fan! What an oasis of green and openness in the midst of a concrete jungle! We sat on a park bench and talked our hearts out, watching girls play lacrosse, small children zipping by on their scooters.

Tables brought out into the sun, filled with people laughing and obviously enjoying themselves made us linger in Little Italy, reading menu boards posted on sidewalks, peering into open kitchen doors where fish were being prepped for the pan. Unfortunately the coffee we tried from a charming bakery wasn't worth finishing. An Italian trattoria elsewhere in the city made it up to me later with a beautiful latte.

If you have plans to venture into this bustling city any time soon I highly recommend Macaron Cafe. This box was hard to actually open and enjoy because I loved the colors so much. Thank goodness for photographs...I'll be feasting my eyes on this for a long time!