About Me

How do I sum up my life in words? Describing what I do will tell you a little, listing qualities I value gives a glimpse, photos let you draw some of your own conclusions...why don't I just give you a little of each?

What I do: Most of my day is currently filled with our little person, a blossoming one year old named Aimée. The sparkle in our smiles. She's mellow yet loves to explore so there is time left for other things in my day. I was fortunate to marry my best friend, the most loving man I've ever met.

The concept of home is very important to me. People need home. A place to retreat to, where they are certain to find warmth on cold days, food when they are hungry, unconditional acceptance, an atmosphere of peace. And while the decor of a home sets a stage, it is a heart that cares for those in it. That makes home a shelter from the uncertainties of life. My goal is to be that heart. To look after the many details of life, teaching Aimée, partnering with Andrew, and making much of little things. Some days I'm riding high on this dream. Others I'm struggling, overwhelmed, battling a foul mood and losing. Which brings me to...

What I value: Authenticity ranks super high, having been raised in a culture where anything less than perfect was unacceptable and carefully hidden. If we aren't genuine, and creating an atmosphere where it's safe to be real, what's the point of life? And real is ugly sometimes. It's scary. I'm scared of it, yet I keep coming back because I'm efficient by nature and it seems like such a deplorable waste of breath to be anything other than genuine.

Working with my hands to create something beautiful has long been an obsession of mine. So appliqué, embroidery, quilting, tatting, and every kind of embellishment I can dream up keep my hands busy whenever I set aside the time. Nothing feels quite like the texture of needle and thread through fabric.

Another particular passion is filling our plates with foods that are nutritious, appealing to the eye, and make the taste buds sing for joy. I will never be a health nut, it's just not in my nature, but we have grown to love all types of fruits, vegetables and grains I never imagined enjoying. Along with copious amounts of bread, chocolate and coffee.

One of the topics I'm most looking forward to including in this blog are the books I'm enjoying. Life is too short for a mediocre book, so I stick with tomes that inspire, expand my world, or make me rock with laughter. For the mother deep in the land of toddlerhood books are also an essential method of keeping in touch with large thoughts and the pulse of other worlds. But more on that later...

I value any opinions or questions that come to your mind, and hope you will feel free to contact me.