Friday, September 20, 2013

3 More...

Since posting last night I've been so aware of all the other wonderful little tidbits I've been figuring out recently... perhaps these are new to you too?

- Did you know if you buy a lipstick that ends up being too bright for your taste, adding a layer of lip balm before applying the color really tones it down? Yeah for money that wasn't wasted after all!

- Because I've been getting up so early to exercise the last couple months, early afternoon finds me dragging. And that's ok. Because I've also found that a half hour stretched out under a quilt is unexpectedly refreshing! I'm not saying that my phone goes off and I'm jumping out of bed, but because the habit is now in place I don't consider it an option. The alarm goes off. I put my feet on the floor. And I make a latte.

- Trader Joes carries an amazing spinach tortellini (for only $1.99!!) and I've found the most awesome recipe using it to whip up an incredibly cozy lunch dish. In about 15 minutes. For only 400 calories if you split the whole thing with your toddler. We had it today for lunch but I'm thinking it needs to go right back on next week's menu.

Before closing I have a confession: I love leek soup so much that the smell of it actually made me teary tonight. I still haven't decided if that's sad or beautiful. But God bless the moment that leeks were created.