Monday, November 19, 2012

To the Wounded Heart...

Dear one, with the wounded heart and darkened past, you are loved. Your emotions are valid, your pain is real. Your injuries may not be visible to others, but that makes them none the less urgent. Don't let anyone tell you that these shadows and memories you battle "aren't a big deal," or "are just your imagination."

There is so much good in you that evil must try to pull you down. Imagine a world full of women free from pain, bold, unashamed, fearless, full of passion and excitement, able to nurture. Darkness wouldn't have a fighting chance. 

Don't give up in your quest for healing. Keep on searching for answers. Fight for your own beauty, in heart, mind and body. Battle lies with truth. Refuse to play the game evil has kept you busy with for so long. 

Because you are beautiful. When you can't see it, I will. When you don't believe there is anything good in you, I will know that there is. You will find your way.