Thursday, May 9, 2013

Favorite Things...

So many times I've begun a post about my favorite, rave-worthy joys in life... and I've always gotten lost in a mental maze trying to decide which to share with you. Because like the mouse that was given a cookie, one thing would lead to another and before I knew what had happened my computer was abandoned as I wandered off to actually enjoy my favorite things!

My limit for today is three things...

If you've never had a latte that looks like this, with just a shot of hazelnut've never lived. And I feel so sorry for you. My favorite cafe of all time (the one I wish I could go to every singe day) serves a latte that doesn't need pastry to keep it company. It's an experience all by itself. Whenever I begin to feel frayed around the edges I start watching for an opportunity to come here with a book for an hour. I leave a different person.

It's been a while since I had shoes I liked this much. If only I'd bought two pairs.

I adore cozy breakfasts with Andrew and Aimée. Biscuits slathered with jam, a steaming tea pot, and yes that is my knitting tucked in there too. Because when the little one has run off to play and we are still lingering to talk, I find keeping my fingers full of yarn and bamboo needles helps me stay. The dishes can wait.