Sunday, August 16, 2015

From Over My Coffee...

What you will find below is the first in a series of occasional posts I'll be sharing from my own journals. They are sketches, snatches of observation from my seat at a local coffee shop. Because don't you find that as you linger in an unhurried space of time you begin to actually see the people around you? Their unique expressions of personality and character become a treat to observe. And if I'm able then I have long written about what I see:

The boy is probably twelve. Old enough to successfully manage a pile of plates and cutlery from their breakfast (the server gushed her thanks for his helpfulness) and young enough to obviously
enjoy taking the family dog (who has been hanging out under the table) for a contemplative stroll while his parents finish their coffee.

Striped shirt, boy's haircut, he wanders slowly walking in circles, lips moving. Does he think his dog understands? It doesn't really matter. But I'm heartened to see his simple joy in a cultural age of digital preoccupation.  And I find myself wishing him well.

Grow into a good, strong man! Take your experiences with obviously loving parents, your responsible habits, your ability to linger with a loved dog and offer those gifts to the world. We need them!