Monday, December 23, 2013

My Top 3 Netflix Christmas Movies...

I have taken it upon myself to spend weeks pre-viewing Christmas movies on Netflix, with you my audience as an excuse. After all, I asked myself, how could I recommend my top 3 movies if I was only picking from 5... or 10... or even 15? One inevitable conclusion has presented itself during this viewing marathon: holidays seem to drastically lower one's movie quality standards. Have you ever noticed this? Just because tinsel and holly are everywhere you look it seems that really sad acting and mind-numbing plot lines are worth your time simply because their theme is Christmas? Ick.

Rescued from the sub-standard, here are my favorites:

1. How About You
Plow through the depressing beginning of this one because a climactic celebration scene will warm your soul and make you long for such an experience in your own home.

2. White Christmas
One of my most vivid Christmas memories as a child is of watching this film and being captivated by the styles, colors, the sheer magic of an unlikely story and stylized diction. I come back to it every year with even more love for the rich harmony and sense of community to be found in each scene.

3. The Fitzgerald Family Christmas
What does it say about me that Netflix created a special list of suggestions based on my interest in dysfunctional family drama? What really matters is that I ran across this enjoyable portrayal of the complex lives of a family and the roles each member has chosen.

Over the next few days I fervently hope you have the opportunity to sit down, put your feet up, and enjoy a great Christmas movie. If you are the hub around which your family functions the last few weeks have kept you preoccupied with wonderful and exhausting activity. So before you tackle that sink full of dishes or reach for your planner, please, please just rest for a bit. Curl up next to someone you love and let your whole body breathe. You might find it was just what you needed.