Monday, October 28, 2013

Because of You...

Do you ever stop to consider all the things the women in your life have given you? Not the gifts wrapped and ribboned, but the offering of influence, broadening your understanding, opening your eyes? Here are a few that come to mind this afternoon, though it is by no means an exhaustive list:

Because of you, Sarah, I plunge into adventures in my kitchen with confidence and I know that cobalt blue does actually work with my skin tone.

Because of you, Becky, I take care of my skin and make lattes for friends.

Because of you, Mom, I make lists that get things done and I enter each day with so many amazing skills learned at your side.

Because of you, Sharon, I know what it looks like to be there for someone I love. And did you know that you also taught me to ask how other people are doing and to really listen to what they say?

Because of you, Jennifer, I now love chevron-anything and I melt tension with making up crazy songs I would be mortified for anyone to hear. But if you heard them I know you would throw your bead back and laugh, because you get it.

Because of you, Susie, I was given a vision of what home could be and have gained more joy from a simple pile of threads, fabric and beads than I ever imagined.

Because of you, Bonnie, I plow through exercise videos and try new things at Trader Joes.

Because of you, Katie, I find such peace in knitting beautiful things and I am able to offer myself grace in a way never possible before your friendship.

Because of you, Ms. Bev, I feed my child chocolate with a huge smile and I feel that all will be well whatever life holds.

Because of you, Penny, I speak with boldness and I don't let anyone live rent-free in my head.

Because of each of you I am a different woman. Enriched with your experiences and bolstered with your love. For each of you, I am unspeakably grateful.