Thursday, June 20, 2013

Little Changes...

The month of nesting continues! With a lot of hard work and Andrew's never-ending patience, our home continues to feel more settled each day. Yes!! I cannot tell you how great it feels to write this.

In the quiet afternoons while Aimée naps I've been pondering my art supplies/studio area in our bedroom. Because it truly is an empty canvas. In our first home I had a whole room to myself, filled with my fabric and beads. And honestly? I didn't actually sew in there as much as I expected to, or wanted to. On the contrary, I felt constantly disappointed in myself for not making time to enjoy the space.

So when we moved to a small apartment I stashed boxes and art books under a desk and in the very top of the closet thinking I would downsize my plans and be content with accomplishing less. Still, the nagging feeling of failure and disappointment followed me.

Now I begin over once again, with a fresh slate, swept clean of the past and it's habits. Things have changed. I have a small child who happily naps for a couple of hours in the afternoon, and the recently-found skill of knitting. I have great hopes for the future, and am putting those hopes into practice even now by drafting an art vision and short-term goals. I'm picking up those needles, cutting out that fabric, sketching new ideas.

Fresh beginnings are a wonderful thing.