Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Long One...

Gracious, this has been a long week. All those lovely muscles in my thighs are begging me to stop. My list for today demands I stay focused. So I've come to rest on the couch, with the last of the day's light highlighting the pile of laundry next to me.

Many things have been learned this week about our new house:
- A simple fern set in the kitchen window is enough of our previous home to hold me over until this space feels more settled.
- Wood floors highlight every crumb of biscuit from breakfast and every smidgen of dirt tracked through. It makes me crazy. Crazy.
- Somehow my calculations were off when I was so sure I'd be able to drink coffee and watch the sun rise from the kitchen window. Turns out the sun wakes us up from the other side of the house. At least I can enjoy the last sunlight as I cook dinner!
- The pendant light fixture Andrew installed in Aimée's room? I adore it. With muted cornflower blue walls, the light looks even more beautiful, glowing like a giant water lily. (I've tried to capture this in a photo but I'm pretty sure it's impossible.)
- It's as if the built-in bookcases knew we were coming and arranged to have just the right amount of space.
- By my calculations it has been 13 years since I mowed a lawn, but the satisfaction in cutting wide bands through clover hasn't changed. Hopefully Andrew won't want to mow this summer, because I'm not sharing this cathartic pleasure with anyone. The scent is intoxicating.

There is so much more to tell you, but if I don't finish finding homes for all our cleaning supplies and other life-threatening possessions tonight then I'll have to continue my hyper-vigilance with Aimée tomorrow. And I really need to be able to relax. I'm sure you understand.