Friday, November 16, 2012

Week of Nesting, A Conclusion...

So much for Day 6 and 7 in their proper order! Oh the plans I had for doing last week... yet when I reach the moment for those intentions to be launched I find I must choose: action, or relationship?

Obviously I chose the latter. Conversations, laughter, big mugs topped with whipped cream, quiet evenings watching movies and simply being with friends. But my favorite are the times spent with Andrew. Somehow in the process of getting ready for bed a bottle of wine will be opened, and I end up on the couch in my favorite pj's, talking with him. We talk about a lot of things these days... Aimée and her development, the calendar, what we are having for dinner, essential stuff. The details that keeps our little world spinning properly. Somehow we've not talked like this in a long while. About the things really on our hearts, lighthearted laughter, smiling, seeing him again. How on earth have we gone so long without this? And how do we get to this place again?

What I do know is that today I find myself standing at the kitchen sink, hands raised, soapy water dripping down, letting go of action again for a moment to stand in awe. Morning light reflected in yesterday's puddles. The textures of morning. Smiling at my daughter as I zip her pj's up. Inhaling the beauty, exhaling praise.

To return to Days 6 and 7, I've been so looking forward to stocking our little pantry as part of Nesting Week! Let's just say I went a bit crazy, and when the cashier gave me the total I swallowed hard. Most women love to shop for clothes or furniture, I can't think of anything I enjoy more than a jaunt in Trader Joe's. Eh, we'll use all of this in the coming weeks and months. And I like peeking in occasionally to revel in my piles of loot.

Nesting has continued with my first experience using spaghetti squash (huge success!), cleaning long-forgotten crevices (I was appalled by what I got off my laundry room floor), and experimenting with natural room fresheners (this one worked beautifully).

Despite wonderful intentions I would not have done so much without the accountability of sharing this week with you. Thank you for joining me on the journey...